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DFOworkwear's rich history dates back to the 1987s and the our selected brands have long been regarded as Australasia’s most trustworthy, solid and honest.

At most of our brands, these values combine with the very latest in innovative technologies to deliver the very best Workwear, Protective Wear, Safety Wear, Casual Wear and Business Wear for men and women.

Health and Beauty: Nursing Scrubs & Uniforms

You’re A Nurse – Factors to Consider When You Buy Nursing Scrubs in Australia

A career as a nurse can be gratifying. There are many benefits, and one happens to be that you get to wear scrubs all day. Over the course of your nursing career, you will likely go through hundreds, maybe even thousands of pairs of scrubs. When you buy nursing scrubs in Australia, it would be helpful to know what to look for before you make your purchase. DFOworkwear has been providing uniforms, scrubs, and other workwear to customers for over 30 years. We have the top international brands including Gildan, JB’s Wear, and much more. We can also help you find the best scrubs on the market.

Look for Features

Working as a nurse can be gruelling sometimes because of the long shifts. Nursing scrubs that are comfortable are a must. JB’s Wear scrub tops and bottoms are made of a polyester-cotton blend to ensure both comfort and durability. Another key feature to look for is pockets. When you buy scrubs in Australia, they just have to have pockets. You can fit items such as your keys, phone, and pens in them. Nurses often must carry alcohol pads and other medical items related to their duties making pockets almost mandatory.

Colour is another feature to consider. DFOworkwear offers customers the choice of several colours of scrubs. White, of course, reflects upon nurses well giving a more professional look. White does stain easier though. Nurses can always choose darker colours like maroon and navy blue if they have stain concerns. Colours can also help with mood. Nurses that work with children might opt for colours such as pink and light blue which contribute to creating a lighter mood.

Choose Wisely When You Buy Nurse Scrubs in Australia

One of the more challenging things with buying any clothing online is that you are never sure how something is going to fit. You also do not know what it will look like until you can give the item a try. Scrubs are no different. When you find scrubs that do fit well, and that looks good, it is probably a good idea to stick with items from the same manufacturer or collection. JB’s Wear offers styles for both men and women in a variety of colours in sizes ranging from extra-small to 5XL. When you find scrubs that look good and fit well, you can buy confidently from DFOworkwear knowing your scrubs will fit. You can always add variety to your scrubs collection by choosing different colours.

Check for Discounts and Other Offers

When you are buying online, you can always check to see if a company offers any discounts. Shoppers should also look into signing up for a company’s email list or its newsletter, if available. DFOworkwear encourages customers to sign up for our newsletter. The newsletter provides all the information about our latest promotions and discounts. Signing up is easy and can be done on our website. For more information, you can send an email to

Examples of Our Fine Scrubs for Sale in Australia

DFOworkwear sells nurse scrubs, all available for sale in Australia, all made in-house and fully customisable. We supply tunics, lab coats, tops and pants for both men and women that are not only retail-inspired but are retail-quality as well to ensure your staff’s comfort always. For example, our ladies bliss tunic is made of a breathable polyester blend stretch fabric and has a professional yet casual appearance and a great fit. Not only will your staff appreciate the comfort and style these scrubs afford, but the quality of these uniforms will also help showcase your practice in a positive light for your clients and patients.

When you order our nursing scrubs for sale in Australia, you get far more than just a shipment of garments. We can provide in-house embroidery and transfer printing services so not only will your staff have the high-quality scrubs they need but they will also be able to represent your practice with your name or logo. If you ever have any questions regarding your order, our friendly sales team is ready to handle your customer service needs.

Visit our website today and be sure to sign up for our customer newsletter to learn more about our special offers and to take advantage of our best deals on all nursing scrubs available in Australia.

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